Revolutionizing the way arborists plan and assess risk.

Plan Jobs

Keep track of your arborist jobs.

With Arbster, you can schedule and keep track of all of your jobs. Schedule them, save pictures from the job site, make notes of what the job entails, manage the risk assessments, and keep track of the specific Arborist gear that you need for the job.

Assess Risk

Manage job-site safety.

With the risk assessment tool, you can make sure that each ande very job site that you are on is as safe as it could be. Complete a risk assessment for every job in the app, and then export & share when you are done!

Manage Gear Inventory

Keep your gear in check.

Track your gear, or your most important pieces of gear. manage the check date, the expiry date, the serial numbers, as well as other details that ensure that your gear is safe to operate. When you have added your gear, you can assign specific items to specific jobs; to make sure that you are not missing anything important.

For Arborists

Arborists was built with the help of several professional arborists.

Stay Safe

Comprehensive and easy to use risk assessment for every job-site.

Medical Info

Keep track of your medical and ICE details in the app.

Keep Track of your day

Smooth integration with your devices native calendar.


Keep track of all of your pieces of arborist gear.

Export your data

Easily export data to PDF and CSV formats.

for Arborists

The only all-in-one app for arborists.

Arbster has been developed specifically with the modern arborist in mind. All of the features, from job planning, to risk assessments have been developed together with professional, seasoned veteran arborists.